Wild Sage Essesnce 2 oz. Cobalt Blue Glass Bottle (spray)


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A mix of wild prairie sage (native to Alberta) and sagewort (native to Vancouver Island) share the wisdom of clearing and letting go. This subtle and rejuvinating spray may be used as a liquid smudge. 

Wild sage and sagewort have a pungent aroma and taste. It’s silvery-green leaves are unmistakable in their natural habitat.

Sage is traditionally used by First Nations people for ceremonial purposes and for smudging. Wafts of smoke from the burning plant are said to clear negative energy. It is helpful in cases of unresolved anger, resentment, when one cannot easily forgive the self or others for past actions regardless of the intent behind them. It stimulates the healing of old wounds and the release of resentment. 


Contains: Distilled water and sage essence. No preservatives. For external use only.

2fl. oz.


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