Oregon Grape Leaves (dried, whole)


Oregon Grape Leaves (Dried, Whole)

Berberis (or Mahonia) aquafolium (B. repens or nervosa species also used), a.k.a. Oregon Mountain Grape, Holly-leaved Barberry

Oregon grape earned its name from pioneers who harvested the plant along the Oregon trail. These hardy travelers used this herb as both medicine and food. In gratitude for the service rendered by this plant, Oregon declared it our state flower. This distinction is celebrated by herbalists who still rely on constituents lying under the surface of its bark for healing purposes.

Oregon Grape is a natural antibiotic with growing popularity. It produces the same powerful alkaloid, berberine, which give other herbal antibiotics such as goldenseal and goldenthread their yellowish color. Other plants in Oregon Grape’s family, Berberidaceae, have smaller amounts of berberine in their stems. Scratching a tiny patch of this shrub’s bark aside reveals a golden treasure trove of medicine. Berberine penetrates the entire plant from its flowers to its roots. This bitter chemical is the main reason that Oregon Grape tops the list of most popular herbs in the natural healer’s cupboard.


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