Radio Appearances

I was invited to do a short spot on the Dr. Theresa Nicassio Radio Show on Healthy Life Radio Network – All Positive Talk Radio on January 2, 2017. Theresa asked me to come on to talk about the various urban gardening projects that are going on around the world – some of which I have been reading and writing about.

There are so many people growing their own food and their stories need to be shared. These urban gardeners are revolutionaries in their own right and are certainly an inspiration.


The Urban Agriculture Projects I spoke about on Theresa’s show have several things in common:

  1. they strive to reduce the environmental impact food production
  2. they promote and encourage self-reliance or some degree of independence from the current agriculture system (whose practices are destructive to the planet)
  3. they strive to reconnect communities and bring people together, connect people to nature and teach about stewardship – get people outside and active
  4. most importantly, by growing food in the public realm, they provide food for anybody who wants access to fresh, nutrient-dense food that has been grown without any chemicals

Growing food in the public realm seems, in this day and age, a subversive and revolutionary act. Millions of people in North America are doing it.

Simple food choices we make on a daily basis are revolutionary.

Listen to the Show from January 2, 2017 here.

(My bit comes in at the 30 minute mark)