Here is are interviews in an easy-to-access format:

A. Dr. Theresa Nicassio
  1. Interview with Dr. Theresa Nicassio, Author of YUM: plant-based recipes for a gluten-free diet 
  2. Listen to Dr. Theresa Nicassio on – All Positive Talk Radio on Every Monday at Noon (or on any time) ‘Celebrating Everyday Heroes’show-poster-radio-show-theresa-slider-e1482532280977-366x366


B. Carolyn Herriot
  1. Interview with Carolyn Herriot, Author of The Zero-Mile Diet Cookbook, Farmer and Visionary

C. Growing Chefs

  1. Growing Chefs: A Curriculum Beyond the Classroom

D. InCahoots Victoria

  1. Bringing the Community Together Over Local Food: Pop-Up Restaurant Style