Designed by Nature

The Power of Nature: A Living Island Series, Volume 1, 2016

Photographs by Jane Grueber 2016

Soundtrack ‘The Oceans Continue to Rise’ by Chris Zabriskie


I have found much inspiration and healing in nature. Whether I was overwhelmed, filled with grief or sorrow or simply ready to be in awe of something amazing, nature has always been there. There is something about the trees and the green that allows an intangible freedom to simply be.

Two years ago, we moved to the west coast of Canada. We were tired and weary – chewed up and spit out by the rat race that we had once enthusiastically participated in. Two days after leaving this rat race, everyone still in it had forgotten us and all the contributions we had made. We willingly gave, the rat race willingly took. Although it was initially difficult to admit that we were disposable and easily replaceable, the realization was liberating.

The Power of Nature is a compilation of photographs we captured over the last year. Some were captured in our garden and others on our wanderings around Central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Connecting with nature is an integral part of being a steward of the environment. In return for our care, Nature heals us.

It is my sincere hope that these photographs bring you the same peace and sense of renewal they have brought me.