Inspirational Saturday ~ How Long Are You Sitting Still?

‘Life requires movement.”

~ Aristotle


How many hours a day do you move? Have you ever stopped to take stock of how much time you spend physically moving? It’s likely that you sit to eat breakfast, sit on the commute to work, sit at work, sit on the commute home, sit to eat dinner and sit to watch television. This is not ‘being lazy’ or a couch potato. It’s about the reality of our day-to-day lives.

‘Sitting Disease” is the new smoking according to recent research. Not moving enough paves the way for chronic and debilitating diseases including obesity, back pain and cardiovascular disease. Shirley Plant is a Wellness Expert that talked about ‘Sitting Disease’ on the Dr. Theresa Nicassio Radio Show June 2017.

When sitting at the computer or on the iPad, we are not being active. It’s about movement (not just exercise) – washing dishes, cleaning up around the house, gardening, going for a walk are all forms of movement. All movement is important and has an impact on caloric expenditure.

Listen to Dr. Theresa Nicassio’s chat with Shirley Plant as they discuss “Sitting Disease” and the serious ramifications of not moving enough. They discuss the difference between exercise and movement, current research findings around ‘sitting disease’ as well as workplace wellness where sitting for longer periods of time is often a part of the job.

I’m off the computer now to move around.

Click here to Listen to the show.

Sitting Disease Poster2 26Jun2017




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