Summer Flowers ~ Nature Photography

Summer flowers are here and I am obsessed. Here are some of my favorites in all their splendor. Bees make their appearance in these photographs. This year, it seems like there are fewer bees flying around our parts.

We placed bee watering stations throughout our garden. They are simply seashells that fill up whenever we water. Last year, we found a bee walking around in circles on our driveway, unable to fly. It turns out that the bee was dehydrated from a hard days work and needed water.  Placing simple watering stations throughout a garden or yard helps these busy pollinators do their jobs.

Avoiding the use synthetic insecticides or herbicides, however small, will prevent bee population decline as well as contamination of surrounding soil, storm sewer systems, creeks, river and oceans. The ecosystem is connected. One small action either helpful or unhelpful makes a difference.


The colors of the poppies are just mesmerizing.

Poppies with their vibrant and glamorous colors.

Gentleman’s Buttons inviting bees.

It’s no wonder bees love Foxgloves.

And Roses that smell divine.

A little more Foxgloves.


All photography by Jane Grueber

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