Beach Time on Vancouver Island: Nature Photography

As summer approaches, the anticipation of hot sun, soft sand, barnacled rocks, lapping waves and cool ocean air washing over my mind and body gets me a little giddy. It’s never too early to head to the beach and take in all that its wonders.

Little treasures are found along the way when one is open to all possibilities.

Pausing to reflect on the immense force of nature that lies so tranquil on a sunny day.

The freedom to lose yourself in each moment. Playing. Pondering. Unhurried. Seeing anew with the curiosity and excitement of a child.

Observing tiny movers and shakers tending their lot.

Inhaling the salty air perfumed with the sweetest blossoms.

Restoring the wind in your sails. Harnessing the breeze.

All to remind us of our imperative to be stewards of this planet.


All photographs by Jane Grueber

See my photo gallery here.

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