Wild Flowers of Vancouver Island ~ Nature Photography

The beauty of spring is in plain sight. On this particular hike in Central Vancouver Island, where ever we looked, there were burgundy, yellow, blue and purple flowers nestled among the soft, dewy greens.

We admired the unique shapes of the flowers and pondered whether the fairies used them as umbrellas, hats or cups to sip nectar.

We explored caves usually hidden completely in the winter months by the high tide.  Water is an incredible artist; creating slowly, silently and without resistance.

Just when we thought there could not possibly be any more purple flowers, there they were, imploring us to take their picture.




Imagine what it would be like to live so freely as to lay here in the summer months on the softest moss, with the delicate scent of flowers swirling all around, lulling you into a day dream.

Happy hikers returning home. Hearts filled with infinite gratitude for what is.


All photographs by Jane Grueber.

See my photo gallery here.

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