A Walk in the Forest ~ Nature Photography

In honor of Earth Day (April 22). Every day is Earth Day. We are all stewards of this planet and must do everything to nurture our nature.


The spring rain brings out the most beautiful wild forest flowers. We went on a hike with a mission to seek out these meadows where fairies surely frolic and tend to the new arrivals.

Perhaps they shelter beneath the Fawn Lilies when the warm rains come so as not to get their wings damp. Little children create umbrellas from the lilies, too.


Fawn lily is beautiful but shy, rarely showing her face. Like a patient mother, she bows to help the spring critters drink her nectar in a dry place.


Purple shooting stars stand like lanterns that delight the eye and drawing near those who look upon them.


In love and light, we meander through the misty morning woods. Our hearts filled with the scent of a forest awakening.




All photography by Jane Grueber Copyright 2017

Featured Digital Design by Artiso

Original Photograph of Hyacinths by Jane Grueber

Digital Manipulations by @Clarityisjustsohip

Location: Central Vancouver Island

See my photo gallery here.

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