Inspirational Tuesday ~ Cultivating A Community Garden

Cultivating a Community Garden

I’m always looking for ways to get creative in the garden. Yesterday, we dug up the center island on our street – kids with shovels, me with shovels of compost (created naturally from the fallen leaves of the various bushes and shrubs in our front yard) and seeds everywhere – it was a sight to behold. Especially since the area looked like a mole’s dream or a mammoth’s worst nightmare.

IMG_20170327_115113154 (1)

The children enjoyed digging up the very sandy and firmly packed soil from years of snow and sand being packed on it. Once the soil was a bit looser, it was time to add some much needed compost.


Here is the finished product for now. We planted some primroses as well as sunflower, lupin, nasturtium and hollyhock seeds. As always, the rain began to fall at just the right time. The plan is to add a watering station for bees in the next phase of development.


Once the weather gets a bit warmer, my plan is to start growing culinary and medicinal herbs for the neighbourhood to share. How nice would it be to run out of the house, snip a few stems of fresh oregano or thyme for soup?


All photographs by Jane Grueber Copyright 2016 & 2017

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