Inspirational Tuesday ~ Children & Nature: The Ultimate Outdoor Playground

Cool crisp air, salty water, shells, seaweed, rocks, drift wood, waves, tides, tree roots, jelly fish, and bald eagles swooping to catch their morning meal are just some of mother nature’s offerings in her classroom.

This quiet empty beach creates space for reflection, gratitude and boundless invention. Imagination roams amidst the shallow pools left behind by the tide.
Crabs, barnacles and jelly fish linger. Shells of all sizes, some kissed by the indigo light of the deep ocean, some by the pink rays of dawn, dwell here and serve as excavators.
The freedom and joy found here transcends words. Creating future stewards of the earth requires them to experience the boundless power of nature and all its riches.
There is much joy to experience in the simple things offered freely by the earth. Silence, freedom to be, to experience, to feel, to absorb.

powerofnature2happyfeet (2)

~Follow Your Joy~

All photographs by Jane Grueber 

Photographed on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

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