The Blue Winter Sky

All pictures by Jane Grueber Copyright 2017

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I believe it is possible to sit by the water, write, ponder and observe the winter sky over Vancouver Island infinitely. There is something about the blue and the depths beyond that intrigues.

It often rains here during the winter. It is a wondrous delight when the grey skies are swapped for the sunniest blues. Blue brings promise of spring and sun. A renewal of the spirit.

The rain has its beauty also. Waking up to a misty morning sets a contemplative mood. Walking in the winter mist by the calm ocean has a way of soothing the busy mind.

If we could all be more like the sky. Free to take any shape and form without judgment. Free to feel dark at times, and sunny at others. Free to take our time. Free to view things from a higher perspective.


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