Inspirational Tuesday ~ Growing A Sensory Garden

A Sensory Garden


The benefits of ‘sensory gardens’ are well documented and widely written about. They can be a calming sanctuary for those suffering from traumatic brain injury, mental health challenges, developmental difficulties, or neurodegenerative diseases to name a few. For the young and young at heart, they provide a welcoming environment for exploration, learning and communion with nature right in the yard.

In addition to growing food for our family and neighbours, I want to make a ‘sensory garden’ in our front yard where we can enjoy the power of nature – take in the smells, sights and textures, the sounds of chimes and birds as well as to provide food and water for our neighbourhood pollinators.

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We intentionally chose flowers that will support the local ecosystem. Not only are these flowers beautiful to behold, they also make great companions to the vegetables in the garden.

The plan is to wind the  ‘sensory garden’ throughout the front yard garden. Companion planting is placing two or more plant species close together so that they may benefit each other by attracting or dettering pests, keeping the soil healthy, and improving the flavor of crops.

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Polyculture and biodiversity are the way people have been growing food over millennia, by observing natural interrelationships between plants, the soil and the environment.

Here are some flowers slated for our sensory garden (as shown in the picture grid above from left to right):

  1. Ladybird Poppy
  2. Saphyr blue flax
  3. Coleus
  4. Kong sunflower
  5. Hollyhocks
  6. Celosia
  7. Foxgloves
  8. Indigo Blue Forget-Me-Not
  9. Chinese Lantern
  10. Gaillardia
  11. Nasturtium
  12. Sweat peas
  13. Morning Glory (not shown)
  14. Pandora Poppy (not shown)

blog slide show white flower

~Grow, Share, Thrive~


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