Inspirational Tuesday ~ ‘Hope in a Changing Climate’: A Compelling Documentary

“Hope in a changing climate” is a documentary film by Jhon d Liu
produced in collaboration with World Permaculture Association (WPA).

This fascinating and inspiring documentary gives clear insight in to the connection between a damaged environment and poverty. It describes the process of soil degradation and the resulting cycle of impoverishment. Poor farming and agricultural practices, too much carbon in the air and short-term thinking have created unprecedented challenges.

Can these current, destructive patterns be reversed? Will the strategies and techniques shown in the documentary work anywhere in the world to regenerate damaged soil and help to pull excess carbon out of the air?

There is hope that food insecurity, poverty, climate change, poor agricultural practice can be reversed now and in the long-term. It is a matter of making a choice to do so.

Please share this 27 minute documentary to help others understand what we can all do, collectively and individually, to make a difference now and for future generations.


~The earth matters~


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