Inspirational Tuesday ~ 4 People Who Make the World a Better Place

Here are some amazing people in the world of permaculture, gardening and urban agriculture whose stories and creative endeavors are truly inspirational. They share their knowledge, experience and skills to make the world a better place. I hope that you too find inspiration here and some kernel of information to take with you on your journey  of living a life well nourished.

  1. Geoff Lawton – he and his team have just launched a ‘Permaculture Village‘ online.

    Although not new to Permies, the work of Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton were new to me. I came across their work during an online Homesteading Summit in November. I happened to watch a lecture by Geoff and later watched one of his videos on how he and his team turned the most arid land – a small part of the Jordanian desert that was below sea level, high in salt content and bone-dry – into arable, productive land through the use of permaculture principles. They used nature’s design and patterns to regenerate the soil and grow a food forest that feeds and supports the local community.

    Watch this transformation for your self (video is 3.5 minutes long)

“I envisioned a place where anyone and everyone with an interest in Permaculture – young, old, beginner, experienced – could enter, lose themselves in a sea of Permaculture resources, and engage with others who share a similar passion.

A place that could serve as a modest “haven” online, away from the pessimism and negativity encroaching around us; one that would nurture our best selves, and help us actualize the things promised by Permaculture.

A place whose only price of admission is curiosity, civility, and compassion for each other and the earth entrusted to us.” ~ Geoff Lawton


2. Marisha Auerbach is an ubran agriculture revolutionary hailing from Portland, Oregon. Her website Permaculture Rising  is a hub of practical information for anyone interested in growing their own. See how she has turned her urban home into a food growing haven.

In the following video, Marisha talks about seed saving – why saving seeds helps the local food system in the face of climate change and why heritage open-pollinated seeds are desirable.

“[It is important to]build seed banks locally so that we have great genetics to support our diet as the climate changes. Having seeds that are adapted for our area [ensures] they can survive in the area and provide nourishment.”  ~ Marisha Auerbach

3.  Stacey Murphy is an engineer turned backyard gardener who has taught me much about increasing my crop yield while keeping gardening low maintenance and mostly hassle free. Get her farmyard bootcamp resources to help you increase your yield this year.

Check out Stacey’s YouTube Channel for practical information on how to increase your yield in 2017, tips for growing great tomatoes and three mistakes to avoid to get the best basil crop ever. Basil is my most beloved herb but it is also the bane of my existence.

Download Stacey’s latest book and watch the video on making herbal oils in your own kitchen. It is one thing to grow these natural healing plants but it is another to utilize them in a way that extends their healing power beyond the growing season.


4. Colette O’Neill is surely a Goddess in her own celestial right, living in her truth and spreading light. Her Bealtaine Cottage is the ‘Home of Goddess Permaculture and Earth Healing’ in the West of Ireland.

She lives at Bealtaine by herself along with her animals amidst her permaculture haven. Colette has single-handedly transformed an unwanted piece of land into a fertile sanctuary that nourishes her body and soul. I love to follow her adventures and musings on her blog, listen to her soothing voice on podcasts and admire the infinite beauty of Bealtaine Cottage on her joyful videos.

“This is about one woman deciding to do something very dramatic and revolutionary in Ireland…taking three acres of wet, rushy, north-facing land and planting trees like her life depended on it…it does!” ~ Colette O’Neill


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