Healthy Food Trends for 2017: What’s on the Menu?

2016 was the year of the avocado, seeds, nuts and mushrooms as well as ‘clean’ labeling of food and ‘clean-eating’ – the consumption of minimally processed, locally sourced, real, fresh, nutrient-dense foods.

2017 consumer trends continue to move in the direction of food-as-medicine and the prevention of chronic conditions.

Progressive consumers continue to redefine the supermarket landscape and the entire idea of health and wellness. With real foods, one doesn’t have to go down the road to self-denial or self-discipline. Real foods, combined in creative and innovative ways don’t require the self-denial that processed, highly sugared and corn syrup laden, synthetic foods do.

Here are some Health Food Trends for 2017 that I’m into:

  1. 2017 is the Year of the Viking. Eating like a Viking is all about eating seasonally available foods that are locally available. Nordic food choices and food preparation are making their presence known and include foods such as wild salmon, salted fish, beet root consumed either raw, smoked, fermented or cured. pexels-photo-96379
  2. Plant waters. Coconut Water, Maple Water, Birch Water, Cactus Water and Aloe Water all which are rich in antioxidants and natural minerals. Look out for Artichoke Water, Prickly Pear Water and Barley Water.drip-water-drop-of-water-close-55815
  3. Nutritional Yeast (aka Nooch). For those in the vegetarian or vegan community, this is nothing new. A great source of vitamin B12, nutritional yeast is great on and in everything that you could possible make. Get it at your local health food store. nutritional-yeast
  4. Plant-power. Make more room for vegetables. No longer content to be a side dish or a garnish, veggies are taking over serious real estate on the plate. pexels-photo-196643
  5. Avocado Oil. Rich in Oleic Acid, Lutein and heart healthy antioxidants that help in the absorption of many nutrients. Why not use it in your smoothies, salads, marinade, homemade mayo, hummus, or cold soups.avocado-oil-2
  6. Teff. This small grain from Ethiopia packs a whole lot of nutritional power. Gluten-free, high in iron and fiber and versatile. Some say it’s the new Quinoa and a ‘new’ Superfood.
  7. Sweet Potato Flour. Great source of beta-carotene (vitamin A) packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant nutrients. This is not just your average potato starch.sweet-potato-flour
  8. Plant-based Dinning Options: The rise of plant-based restaurants and more plant-based dishes in restaurants. I am so excited to hit Vancouver early in the New Year for the Gluten-Free Expo 2017 and to eat at ZEND Conscious Lounge.

Here are Resources and Food & Beverage Trends to look out for in the New Year – some are here to help you decide what to stay clear of:

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cindy Magee says:

    I never thought about there being food trends each year. Interesting. I’m all about trying alternatives to flours and might have to try this new potato starch for making bread. 🙂


    1. Jane Grueber says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment, Cindy. I think the sweet potato flour is great and I use it. I mostly take ‘trends’ with a healthy grain of salt. However, health food trends are certainly interesting especially when viewed from the competing perspectives of health food advocates and food & beverage processing companies. Food processors are certainly watching health food trends carefully and using them to increase the appeal of their food labels.


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