Mojitos to make your Halloween Party a Smash

We planted “Minty” (the name my kids bestowed upon our Mojito mint plant) in early spring. A friend of mine had mentioned that mint is an invasive plant and can be difficult to control. But Minty was so little and endearing, we watered and tended it with loving care. Now, Minty is taking over the entire raised garden bed and going strong.

It’s alright because our lime tree is growing some limes which are getting bigger by the day. This confluence of fortunate events points to only one thing – Mojitos – and just in time for Halloween.

Here is a recipe for all those who like a good Mojito. This is my favorite recipe that I have been using for years. From my mint drink loving heart to your, cheers!



Mojito Mint

2 shots white rum

0.5 shots of simple syrup (see recipe below)

0.5 shots of triple sec (optional)

juice of 1 lime

3-4 mint leaves (spearmint/peppermint)

1. With a wooden spoon, muddle the mint until it becomes fragrant

2. Juice the lime into a cocktail mixer

3. Add alcohol and simple syrup

4. Add ice and shake

5. Pour into a tall glass and serve with fresh mint/lime

Simple Syrup Recipe

(this is the same stuff we feed our Hummingbirds)

1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup water

1. Combine water and sugar

2. Simmer over medium heat until the liquid becomes slightly syrup-like

3. Cool and decant into clean containers and keep in the refrigerator


If you are looking for further inspiration for your cocktail repertoire, here is a lovely resource from Garden & Gun Magazine:

  • Southern Cocktail Guide a la Garden & Gun Magazine is a treasure trove of cocktail classics such as the Mint Julep and, of course, the Mojito.

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