3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food ‘Clean’ & Resources for Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

September has flown by and we are now onto cooler weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Our garden is no longer producing the vegetables that we so enjoyed over the summer, but all that squash we grew and bought from a local farm store is doing nicely in the cool basement.

I am excited to use up that squash and create all kinds of delicious dishes – a serendipitous venture when it comes to our kitchen. September was ‘Eat more plant-based food’ month, October is quick and clean month (I didn’t say quick & dirty). This means a focus on nourishing meals that are put together quickly with just a few, quality ingredients.

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Food ‘Clean’

  1. Ignore misleading marketing terminology on labels (e.g., excellent source of…, free of, ‘natural’)
  2. Focus solely on the ingredient list and ignore the rest of the packaging
  3. Strive to purchase foods with:
  • only recognizable ingredients
  • few total ingredients listed
  • absence of artificial colors, flavorings, sweeteners, refined sugars, preservatives, stabilizers, thickeners, or any unrecognizable names.

Source: Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics

Nutrition Resources













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