Vancouver Island Feast of Fields 2016: City Folk Connecting with Farm Folk

Written and Photographed by Jane Grueber



We attended the 19th Annual Vancouver Island Feast of Fields on Sunday, August 28, 2016 in Metchosin, British Columbia, Canada.

The event was hosted by the FarmFolk CityFolk group which has hosted 50 feasts so far around the province of British Columbia, including in Metro Vancouver, Okanagan, Sea to Sky Country and Vancouver Island.

Feast of Fields with beautiful Garry Oaks

FarmFolk CityFolk is a not-for-profit society that works to promote a local and sustainable food system, from farm to table. It was founded in 1993 by an organic farmer who realized that there was a ‘disconnect between city folks and the farm folks who were growing their food.’

 This was the 19th year for the Feast of Fields and every dollar raised goes toward supporting sustainable agriculture and promoting local food grown on Vancouver Island.
Sunflowers on the Farm
The event put a spotlight on food that is produced on Vancouver Island and what chefs create with locally sourced food.
Walking to the Feast with the misty ocean in the background
Guests sampled diverse cuisine that reflects the unique geography and culture of the Island. Feast of Fields is a way to create connections between local farmers, ranchers, fishers, vintners, brewers, distillers and food artisans, chefs and the public.

Although we got some much needed rain during the event, the pastoral ocean-front setting along with the fresh smells of country and farm set the mood for this sumptuous feast of fine foods and beverages.

Mouth Watering Eats 

Roasted Parry Bay Farm Lamb, Chimichurri, Tree Island Yogurt, fresh mint & lemon from The Whole Beast Salumeria
  • Wild Fire Bakery and Fry’s Bakery served up Siften Red Fife Wheat Focaccia with local blackberries, fresh rosemary and black pepper & Double chocolate course rye cookies
  • Little Jumbo had Halibut ceviche with cilantro, jalapeno, lime and red onion with an ancho-agave puree
  • Royal Bay Bakery dished out Apple Fritters with Royal Bay Bakery honey glaze, Pain a l’ancient Twist and Blackberry Brie Blossoms which we all agreed were absolutely killer!
  • Artisan Bistro provided a scrumptious Tuna poke with a mango, avocado chile and soy syrup on a wonton crisp
  • In Cahoots offered a lovely Cauliflower Poppycock – puffed cauliflower, chickpeas, rice, sunflower and pumpkin seeds with brewers wort caramel. They are passionate about taking food back to basics. In Cahoots embraces local food and showcase what the Island has to offer.
Madison & Margot of In Cahoots Victoria

Drinks for Everyone

Ampersand Distilling Co. GIN
Blackberries on the Farm

Innovative Ideas

  • Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture is a non-profit society that works with the chef community to get kids excited about good, healthy food. They work with local school districts to teach elementary school kids to grow and cook their own food.
  • is an innovative website that connects consumers with local food producers and how they grow/raise food, when its available and where it is available.
Feast of Fields

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