Small-Scale Growers of Herbs, Produce & Edible Flowers

Welcome to our official Seedling in the Wind Micro-Farm Website and Blog.

Our Micro-Farm is located in Central Vancouver Island and dedicated to growing, producing and selling Superfoods.


Read about what we are growing and offering at our MicroFarm Stand to You here.


Our Brief Story

We moved to our 1.6 acre lot in Summer 2017 to pursue our passion for growing herbs, berries, fruit and greens that are highly nourishing and healing. Before taking our passion to the dirt, we grew our own food on the front lawn of our suburban home, saved seeds and dreamed about creating a community where all people can grow, share and thrive.

Our Philosophy

Everything we need to nourish our bodies, minds and souls is found beneath our feet. The planet provides us with the medicine and nutrition we need for maintaining optimal balance in our bodies as well as for supporting recovery and return to healthy balance.


This site started out as Recipes of My Home Blog that was dedicated to the pursuit of delicious & healthy comfort food, recipes that stand the test of time and information for living a life well nourished.

We wanted the website to be a hub of information where everyone can find resources, useful books, recipes and inspiration. Creating community and following one’s joy are, in our minds, the absolute necessities of life. Our joyful path took us deeper and closer to nature and to staring our MicroFarm.


Our Garden Surplus to Table Initiative

I Fresh.Local.Sustainalble Crofton, BC

Read About & Get On Board our ‘Garden Surplus to Table’ Program here…


Self Inventory Drop-Off Forms 2019

Garden Surplus to Table Initiative Price List 2019


September 12, 2018  We made the local newspaper!! Read the article written by Don Bodger for the Cowichan Citizen & Ladysmith Chronicle.

earth day (11)

Because our neighbours have embraced this vision and the pop up farm stand concept has grown very quickly over the summer, we are busy growing our spring/summer crops.


Creating Sustainable Food Security, Less Food Waste, Fewer Emissions

Our Mission is to bring fresh surplus food from local gardeners, small-scale growers and farmers to Market at Low Cost. Change to the current agricultural and food system are necessary.

Our Vision is for a New kind of Food System where consumers have easy access to local food and that directly encourages local growers to produce more food.

Growers do not have a direct outlet for their surplus, often putting their beautiful food into the compost heap.

This initiative is the bridge, connecting local growers with their neighbours.

Consumers get easy access to the freshest, local food available.

Growers are paid for their crops. Their time, money and effort are rewarded.

Garden Surplus to Table (11)


Seedling in the Wind MicroFarm is a family-owned, small farm that uses sustainable organic stewardship of the land in harmony with the forest around us. We produce a large variety of medicinal, culinary herbs and ethically foraged herbs (fresh, dried, and live), edible/decorative flowers, fruit, berries and vegetables.

We are located in Crofton, British Columbia, Canada at the base of Maple Mountain on 1.6 acres of land that is home to 100-year-old apple and cherry trees.

We are proud of our quality. We work hard to create fresh, live and dried herbs with a rich, natural colour and full fragrance. We sell only herbs we have grown in our garden or ethically wildcrafted in the surrounding boreal forest.

See our eFarmStore below for our selection, product availability and natural gift ideas.

We sell all products (and other goodies) at our farm stand, supply fresh/dried products to local restaurants (wholesale) and other businesses looking to source local, high-quality medicinal and culinary herbs as well as decorative/edible flowers.

Garden Surplus to Table” is our latest community initiative aimed at improving access to fresh, local food, creating sustainable food security as well as reducing waste and carbon emissions.

We take extra (surplus) garden-grown food from local gardeners, sell it to the local community at low-cost and give gardeners 50 percent of sale proceeds. We are always looking for gardeners. Please contact us to come on board and provide local goodness to the community.

The idea for a surplus to table initiative came from various conversations with neighbours, friends and community gardeners who – thanks to their very green thumbs – grow a lot of food, some of which doesn’t get used.

Our Farm Stand is NOW open on weekends. Products are also available anytime by request.

What to look forward to in 2019:

  1. More produce, herbs, plants, flowers and homemade goodies
  2. Produce Boxes @ $10 and $20, on a first come, first served basis (we are not doing pre-orders in 2019)
  3. Plants for sale
  4. Garden fresh surplus gathered from our green-thumb neighbours





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